Hidden Colour is a creative web design and development company based in Manchester. 

We specialise in website design, graphic design and web development, to help your business or organisation grow.

We're no-nonsense and believe in good working relationships.  

You want a website that's clear, easy to use and doesn't frustrate your pants off?  

We can provide.


We provide the following services:

  • Website & Graphic Design
  • Web application development
  • MySQL Database development
  • Website optimisation & extra coding
  • Server management
  • Web hosting & email
  • ...and we're here if you just need a bit of advice
PORTFOLIO: Drum Teachers
PORTFOLIO: Drum Teachers
A custom built search facility to allow visitors to search for a drum tutor in their area.
PORTFOLIO: Henley Royal Regatta
PORTFOLIO: Henley Royal Regatta
The famous international rowing Regatta. The site includes an automated results system, with Twitter, Facebook & SMS integration.
PORTFOLIO: Sound Assembly
PORTFOLIO: Sound Assembly
An electro-swing band, currently touring the UK with their sultry vintage sounds and dance-floor beats.
PORTFOLIO: Marlow Regatta
PORTFOLIO: Marlow Regatta
Marlow's International Rowing Regatta. The site uses our own CMS and is updated by the Marlow team.

Why choose us?

We know there are many other companies vying for your business, so here's some reasons to give us a look.

  • Almost all of our stuff is custom designed & built in-house (like our CMS).
  • We love people.
  • We're small, so we really care about your business.

We promise you...

  • Great value
  • No technology jibber-jabber
  • Serious attention to detail
  • Accessible & thoughtful design
  • Friendly people to talk to
  • That you'll want to come back.

Drop us a line

Fancy a chat about your project?


0845 257 2554
07506 250 143

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